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Tire Repair and Service in Menlo Park

Menlo Atherton Auto Repair, located in Menlo Park, is your local one-stop shop for tire repair, tire installation, tire maintenance and all tire inquiries. Like most car repairs or services, tire installations are not a “once and done” service for a few important reasons. After each and every tire installation and tire balancing, your vehicles tires will automatically begin getting out of balance with each bump on the road. At our full-service repair shop in Menlo Park, our certified tire experts can provide fast inspections to notify you whether your car’s tires are unbalanced, require air pressure adjustment, or have worn treads. Although brand tires can last up to 60,000 miles, even the best tires can require replacing without regular balancing and tire rotating. Worn or damaged tires can affect steering, suspension, mileage and, in the most dangerous cases, blowout or cause hydroplaning. At Menlo Atherton Auto Repair, we suggest that tires be inspected for cracking or bulging treads, protrusions in the tire, and any worn treads whenever the vehicle’s oil is changed.  When tire deterioration is spotted in its early stages, our tire experts can often offer cost-effective solutions to our customers. A few of our economic and fast tire services include: adjusting the air pressure, rotating, balancing, aligning, and patching tires. We have serviced thousands of cars in over 44 years!  For Tire Repair and Service in Menlo Park, trust the experts at Menlo Atherton Auto Repair. 

Purchasing Tires

Don’t waste your time purchasing tires at one shop and driving somewhere else to have the tires installed! Menlo Atherton Auto Repair offers same-day tire installation on tires purchased from our Menlo Park facility. For over 44 years, we have been the premier tire shop in Menlo Park, carrying major brands, such as Goodyear, Bridgestone, Firestone, Michelin, Hankook, and Continental to name a few. Our thousands of loyal customers drive old and new vehicles, including trucks, sedans, vans and sports cars, which means our tire experts have the expertise to help you find the right size at the perfect price. Clients trust us time and again, because of our reputation for straight talk at our Menlo Park tire sales facility. Our team members are qualified to help you shop by brand, price or performance. During our past 40 plus years of business, we have sold thousands of tires to satisfied customers. Contact the professionals at Menlo Atherton Auto Repair to find high-performance and affordable tires!

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